The MVRK Collection

Exclusive Apple Watch Bands MVRK Collection
Amidst pixelated and vividly colored images, a blend of synthesizer melodies and motorcycle revs fills the atmosphere, accompanied by the scent of beer. The fashion trends sport washed denim on pristine white Hanes tees, paired with heather grey joggers. Walking out in the evening, when the sun has set, and the tension in the air is palpable like a thick fog in a locker room.

Introducing our exclusive collection of Bulang and Sons Leather Watch bands, crafted to fit seamlessly with any watch, whether it be your treasured Rolex or your trusty Apple Watch.

We're chilling on our couch and are watching our very own version of a true 80s Hollywood blockbuster. Come over and join us!
Take a seat, grab a snack and watch the movie through our Bulang and Sons perspective and dive into our latest collection and its contemporary twist.

Inspired and re-created.
We're proud to present you our latest collection. Sit back and enjoy:
By extracting the DNA of our favorite characters, infusing fun and attention to detail, we have created a collection of sequenced looks. Our collection includes custom patches, vintage items, and upcycled masterpieces, with watch lover's cherries on top.
The perfect look and mood can be achieved with a proper leather jacket that not only provides protection but also adds style on a fast bike ride. A customized G1 Flight Jacket does just that, keeping our very own MAV cool and safe while riding at full throttle. And to complement the jacket, the PVD coated Orfina Porsche Chrono serves as a loyal co-pilot.
The contrast of matte and shiny textures, combined with a creased surface and accentuated by the contrasting boxed stitch, creates a sense of depth and elevates this band to a whole new level.

The changing room is filled with steam as the leather belt is tightened, the jungle jacket is secured, and the gym bag is casually held. As you exit, the locker door squeaks and a few casual remarks are exchanged with colleagues. That#s the vibe.
With its square punched suede leather, this watch band provides a comfortable and secure fit, while also creating a breezy and relaxed vibe.

It's time for a serious conversation. You step out of your house donning the your CWU Jacket, pull the cap tightly on your head, and put on your Ray-Ban Shooter glasses, concealing your eyes. Your appearance exudes 100% self-confidence, signaling to the other person that the conversation is about to get serious.

The classic Aviator watch band design is already a perfect complement to your Apple watch, but the addition of the striking blue hue and off-white contrast stitching takes the look to a solid 10/10.

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