The Siena Collection - Everyone's Favourite

Beautiful view on Siena home to artisan manufacture of high quality apple watch bands

Tuscany, Italy, is known for its beauty and the associated lifestyle, particularly in Siena. The region's influence on aesthetics is significant, as many aesthetically pleasing things have their origins in Tuscany, particularly during the Italian Renaissance, a game-changing period in history.

The Café Noir band is handmade in Italy from finest pitch-black leather and presents all features of the Joie de Vivre Collection: an extra thin cut quality and shape, our signature brushed metal buckle and intricate heat lines next to the black stitching and painted edges for that certain je ne sais quoi.

And it's no surprise that Tuscany, with its rich history of artistic influence, has also played a significant role in inspiring our very own collection of Apple Watch bands.


Florence and Siena were particularly influential during the Italian Renaissance, a period of great cultural and artistic achievement that fundamentally changed the way humans perceive life. Today, we continue to appreciate the importance of beauty in our lives, and many of the aesthetic principles that emerged during the Renaissance continue to inspire us.

If you have a taste for delicious food, such as mouth-watering pappardelle pasta, and grilled meat, a visit to Siena is a must. And if you enjoy wines like Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, or Montepulciano, they all come from the Siena area. The Vintage Siena band, one of the most sought-after Apple watch bands at Bulang and Sons, is named after this beautiful place. Not only is it designed and crafted under the Tuscan sun, but its name also pays tribute to the beauty and lifestyle of Siena.

Here's an anecdote that illustrates our point:

When you visit Siena, it’s impossible to miss the iconic Piazza del Campo in the city center, along with its famous tower, the “Torre del Mangia”. Its name was given by the tower's first guardian, Giovanni di Balduccio, who was nicknamed "Mangiaguadagni", which translates to "earnings eater". He was notorious for spending all his earnings on dining in Siena's taverns.

While we don't recommend following his example literally, we do share his appreciation for the finer things in life.


The leather used in our watch bands undergoes traditional craftsmanship under the Tuscan sun, taking hours to create its incredible suppleness. The burnt orange tones of our Seina leathers are given a stunning depth by the extra oiling process, which has contributed to their popularity.

Bernhard Bulang descibes: "When I started Bulang and Sons, I was on the hunt for watch bands that would complement my love for vintage timepieces and aesthetic appeal. It was a moment of joy when I crossed paths with Jean Peal Menicucci, the craftsman behind the very bands I had been searching for. The Siena brown leather watch band, one of the first bands to be featured at Bulang and Sons, was born from this collaboration and it is a pleasure to see them now combined on the Apple Watch.

Let us start with introducing this original and first made band in the family:
The Vintage Siena Apple Watch Band

The shiny leather offers a soft touch that's perfect for everyday wear, while the creme side stitch adds a touch of Vintage Style that's en vogue. Though this band feels soft and comfortable, it has a very masculine look.

Rolex 5513 Maxi Mk1 on Siena Brown Leather Watch Strap

Apple Watch Band - Brown Leather - Vintage Siena

The Siena leather watch expanding to a collection was inevitable as this beautiful watch band gained popularity and grew a few siblings.

One of these is the The Siena Retro Apple Watch Band

Featuring a distinguished heat line, contrast stitching, and hand-painted cream white edges, this band is an absolute stunner! The finishing touches make it an eye-catching addition to any watch.

Apple Watch Band - Brown Leather - Siena Retro

Another one is the The Siena Box Stitch Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Band - Brown Leather - Siena Box Stitch
The Siena Leather family now boasts a sporty variant, thanks to a little twist in the form of boxed contrast stitching added to this breathtaking leather.

Apple Watch Band - Brown Leather - Siena Box Stitch

We hope that the Siena leather family conveys our appreciation of beauty. We invite you to experience their elegance on your own wrist.


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