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Bernhard Bulang, a long-time vintage watch collector and dealer, counts the Omega Speedmaster among his favorite vintage watches.Bernhard-Bulang-Originals-Trip-08

Meeting and working with like-minded people, sharing thoughts and creating things together was and is always the highlight for me.
- Bernhard Bulang

This watch and its band kept running through my head

Several years ago, Bernhard Bulang had the fortune of encountering a fellow collector who possessed a pristine 1960s Omega Speedmaster with its original leather band. The watch, as well as the band, captivated him and left a lasting impression on his heart as both a collector and a designer.

"The search was initiated! As I am fond of the Speedmaster watch on a leather band, I aimed to devise a contemporary rendition of the authentic version of the band that was initially worn on the Omega Speedmasters during the 60s. Throughout my investigation for resources, producers, or anyone who could assist in obtaining information on these bands, I uncovered some incredible details about the watch market and vending of timepieces in those times. The evolution of the conventional manufacturing and innovation of bands during the past five decades took a captivating turn."

I found the right partner!

Bernhard was able to track down the original company that produced bands for many major Swiss and German watch brands from the 1940s to the 1980s, including the Speedmaster one. To his delight, he discovered that the company was still operational and preparing to transition to its third generation of traditional manufacturing. He eagerly anticipated meeting with them to learn more about their rich heritage, expert craftsmanship, and current offerings.

BS-The-Originals-Speedy-Heritage-Article-22On his way to visit the production facilities

Wilhelm Leo Kaufmann established the company in 1942 near Frankfurt, Germany with the mission of crafting the finest watch bands in the world. Today, Kaufmann remains a family-owned business, and their drive for excellence remains unchanged. For over 77 years, they have operated from three primary manufacturing sites in Germany and Switzerland, creating and innovating many of the essential bands used by prominent watch brands. Their expertise is based on years of experience, with a commitment to both innovation and heritage. Kaufmann employs their own proprietary techniques, tools, and machinery to achieve the highest standards of quality, reflecting the German and Swiss pursuit of perfection that sets them apart in the industry.

A real Family business

At the German main office of Kaufmann,Bernhard had the opportunity to meet Mr. Cornelius Kaufmann, the second-generation owner and director of the company. Mr. Kaufmann has been involved in the company since his childhood, helping his father and adapting all the techniques, finesse, and knowledge about watch bands, leather, and the business. He even helped in the production and accompanied his father on business trips instead of doing his homework.
BS-The-Originals-Speedy-Heritage-Article-01A-1024x832Mr. Cornelius Kaufmann has been involved in creating watch bands since childhood, and now as the second-generation owner of the family company, he has seen it all.BS-The-Originals-Speedy-Heritage-Article-01-1024x832

After a day of passionate and exciting talks about their history, innovations, creations, and craftsmanship, both realized that time had flown by. It became clear that they shared a mutual interest and passion in many topics. With their respect for each other's work, it was a quick decision to join forces and work together.

The decision to collaborate on the re-creation of the original 60s design with a contemporary look and using the finest available leather was quickly made. It was evident that both parties wanted to go beyond just this project.
Today, we are proud partners with Kaufmann and have a significant number of watch bands made in Germany included in our portfolio.

THE ORIGINALS: MADE LIKE BACK THEN – WEAR LIKE TODAYBulang-Originals-Collection-01-1024x1024

We make sure to sell only the products we truly believe in, which is why we took a trip to the factory nestled in the lush green landscape of Germany to witness the production process of our watch bands. In the same vein as our partnership with the skilled Italian craftsmen at JPM in Italy, we invite you to experience the passion and dedication poured into these creations and take a behind-the-scenes look. Each band is carefully crafted by hand, involving anywhere from 83 to 92 individual steps.BS-The-Originals-Speedy-Heritage-Article-02-1024x832All our made in Germany bands are manufactured in a small village that has a long tradition of leather craftsmanship.
It's a collaborative effort of skilled saddlers who bring their expertise and craftsmanship to each step of the production process.


The leather archive is vast and varied, with materials carefully selected for each band. For some of the designs, we've opted for all hand stitching - a meticulous process that requires great skill and patience. Each band is crafted with care, one stitch at a time, resulting in unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

BS-The-Originals-Speedy-Heritage-Article-07-1024x832The tools used are original and have been developed over the past 77 years, constantly improving in quality and functionality.

The flagship of our collaboration


BS-Kaufmann-Watch-strap-production-84-1024x832Created with the original tools from back then… but with the finest contemporary leather

The Racing Speedy watch band is the perfect combination of high-quality manufacturing skills and a sporty yet elegant appearance, making it the ideal accessory for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Band - Green Alligator Leather - Olive

Here is a selection of our Made in Germany Apple Watch band collection, which includes a range of options from our very own Ripstop Band, to the finest exotic leathers, and the well-known Taurillon leathers.

Apple Watch Band - Grey Calf Leather - Taurillon Loutre

Apple Watch Band - Green Canvas - Ripstop

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