The I of the Designer

Meet Bernhard Bulang - the Owner and Creative Director of Bulang and Sons, and Designer of the things we offer you here on this Platform.

Get to know the Designer

Bernhard Bulang


“For as long as I can remember I have had a big passion for aesthetics. I’m also always on the hunt for objects with a unique story. Objects that change their environment.”

This is the story of Bernhard Bulang, a true designer in heart and soul.

When I was young...

It all starts a while ago in Germany, where Bernhard was born as the son of the CEO of a successful engineering company. As an engineer, his father had an excellent eye for technical quality. Besides this, his father was a collector of extraordinary objects with a story. Two things that he definitely passed on to his son.

For most of his childhood, Bernhard grew up in the Netherlands. Driven by his passion for design and particularly the unique stories behind designs, he decides to study at the Academy of Arts. After graduation Bernhard started a successful design agency in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Over time he also became a collector of rare pieces himself. Although his father passed on his high standards for technical quality to his son, besides this Bernhard also valued the aesthetic aspect of designs and objects. He always has been, and still is, on the hunt for objects that add soul to our daily living. Objects that completely change their environment. Collecting vintage watches, fountain pens and also design chairs/funiture that transform the vibe in your house? At some time Bernhard had more than 60 of them, leading to some serious talks with his wife...

Anyway, these roots led to the essence of what Bulang and Sons stands for today: products that have quality, beauty and soul written all over them.

To give you an example, watch the video below describing Bernhard's goose bumps when he receives a message during his journey as a collector of such objects.

According to Bernhard, vintage watches are a great example of objects that are capable of changing their environment. Especially vintage Rolex watches that have been worn by people with unique stories; this is what he enjoys hunting for and collecting the most. Not only the watch itself, but the entire (life)style around it, including the hunt for these watches and the community of watch lovers is what fascinates him in the incredible world of vintage watches. His fascination for the lifestyle around vintage watches is exactly what drove Bernhard to start designing watch straps and watch boxes for exclusive watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega and many others.

This led to the decision to wanting to do fulltime what he loves. Bulang and Sons was born in 2013. And it did not take long to become a success.

Today, thousands of luxury vintage watches, and more than 150.000 watch straps have been sold all over the world. Our customers are watch lovers like we are. These straps are worn on their beloved high end vintage watches.

As Bernhard has always been a big fan and long time user of Apple products because of the combination of aesthetic designs and ultimate technical quality, in 2023 he decides - motivated by the requests of many customers - to translate his designs into accessories for Apple devices, starting with the Apple Watch. A product line that we call: Bulang and Sons Wair.

We hope you find yourself some cool Apple Watch Bands on this platform, and get as enthusiastic as we are. Welcome to Bulang and Sons, welcome to the family of watch lovers.